Monday, November 17, 2008

Crop circles - blue prints in the sand doco

Nice Documentary trying to explain what the signs in crop circles possibly mean:

pt 2

pt 3
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Anonymous said...

Honestly, these folks would find hidden meaning in a turd.
It's a shame that so many UFO folks are totally batshit crazy.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The voice of the guy is
the same than in one clip announced
the fake 14 october giant alien
Crop circles are, in my opinion,
man made.

Anonymous said...

Crop circles are man made.
Why would aliens that can travel across the galaxy play with our farms to relay important information, when they could just go on our internet or have political contacts with our governments.
There is soooo many practical ways to communicate. Destruction of farm plants is not a practical way.

Dr. Reason. said...

**made up shit**

File with "Crystal Energy","Faith Healers" etc.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the maker of these videos, and thanks to the scientist behind these explanations. Many of us have always entertained the idea that sequentially, the REAL [not-man-made] crop circles have something to say. It is like deciphering some code or an ancient language. Someone or some group is saying something to us--speaking of those geninue ones. Here is a wonderful explanation. Whatever ignorant people may comment, we thank the owner of this site for posting these videos. They are painstakingly done, and the explanations, though may not be THE meanings of crop circles, are excellent.
Great! True scientific spirit means to be openminded to truth, whatever that truth might be.
Our only request to the webmaster is: Please edit comments from boys who write dirty things. Let your site be for genuinely interested, serious people.

Anonymous said...

The circles are alien graffiti, nothing more.
It's something they do to pass the time. I can imagine them in their moonbase, bragging over lunch as to who made the best 3d picture.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon#3
Pure bull.
How the hell did the "scientist" work that out?
It bears NO resemblance to any microwave configuration.
As for distinguishing between real and fake crop circles, how the hell do you do that?
Do you have a little green friend?
Our only request to the webmaster is: Please edit comments from boys who write self opinionated, moronic bull. Let your site be for genuinely interested, open minded, serious people, who can reason between fact and fantasy.

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