Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In London ? - We urgently need your support to save Gary McKinnon - Friday 5th december

Again guys,

If you live in London or the Uk this is your final reminder to come to the important protest this Friday to save Gary McKinnon - the guy famous for hacking into NASA.

There much debate about Gary - Some don't believe Gary hacked into computers just for ufos and is using the Ufo explanation as an excuse (any comments on this guys?).

However i have thought about this myself and court documents from US government prosecutors show that indeed Gary did hack into some sensitive area of NASA and downloaded and copied some files from there - which supports Garys testimony of hacking into 'Building 8 of the Johnson Space Center' - (the rooms rumoured that NASA uses to airbrush out Ufos from its footage.)

Some come and support Gary:

Date: Friday 5th December

Time: 5 pm -7pm


Embassy of the United States of America,
24 Grosvenor Square

Media Contacts: - being arranged - email [email protected]

Location Maps:

Map on the US Embassy website Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Matt, I come here every day and have commented on this subject many times before and my opinion has not changed. (I am an American) I feel that this guy deserves nothing more than you or I, should we commit a hacker crime. It doesn't matter what he was looking for, why he was looking for it or anything else. HE KNOWINGLY COMMITTED A CRIME! What's so hard to comprehend about that? As I have stated before, if I get caught breaking the law, will you make daily pleas on my behalf? Or anyone else that visits this site? I just don't understand how you can have such a hard-on for this guy, he's a sleazy hacker---nothing more! Maybe, if he had some of those ufo photos that he was supposedly looking for AND some kind of proof that that was all he was looking for, then he might garner some sympathy from me, but as it stands now, he needs to put his head down, just beg for leniency and be a good boy, and maybe he can only do a fraction of his sentence, whatever that may be. I do feel for the guy or anyone, for that matter, who has to go to prison, but this is NOT a victim-less crime. My freaking tax dollars will be going to improve the computer systems that he hacked into.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first post.

Anonymous said...

i dont agree as many others.

Anonymous said...

i think i dont agree because i feel that us of a or at least its government is destroying the planet KNOWINGLY. Beeing for Gary just means opposition to a cruel evil unjust system. This is the only conclusion - Systems that leave half of the world in poverty and by the way delivering weapons are not what god or common sense intend. the Billions the system spends to keep up the cruel evil unjust world is much more than is needed to eliminate most of poverty. Anyone who doesnt agree is cruel evil and unjust and not a human in my eyes - over and out. (patriotic shouldnt mean idiotic)

WeBeUFOBelievers said...

If the first anonymous commentor was a true American he would believe in truth and justice. The truth of the matter is that Gary only highlighted the lax security in the systems, which in a strange way, did your country a favour and pointed out what your technicians needed to do to secure the servers,and as for justice, no one should be subjected to the kind of cruel sentence that your Goverment is proposing to implement in connection to the alleged crime that Gary as been accused of. Are you really suggesting that the crime gary is accused of is worse then murder? Because murder does not carry a sentence anythink like the one Gary is facing. I wonder, if the boot was on the other foot and it was you who was to be imprisoned for 60-70 years for a crime that was none violent, where no one was injured, further, you would be extradited to a foreign nation over 4000 miles away from your friends and family, without your countries Government protecting your human rights to a fair trial with a balanced sentence that fit the alleged crime.I personaly would think that you would not be as quick to judge, and yes, we would campaign on your behalf.

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