Saturday, January 24, 2009

Massive UFO Space Object Skims the Sun

Any comments on this one people ... This news clip shows something unidentified at this stage that flys into the sun, skims of it and keeps going:
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Chris said...

Very strange, indeed! I'm going to guess that this was not a alien spacecraft, but who knows? Whatever it was, it was astonishingly fast! Good post!

nick dk said... sick is that.

I dident think anything could get even close 2 the sun, before burning up

Anonymous said...

More like a visual artifact with the camera or a broadcast packet loss. Definitely not an alien spaceship.

Virtually Lucid said...

Um...this is just atmospheric distortion as the sun sets. The people on the video seem to believe that they have something extraordinary, but it's just a lensing effect caused by a difference in temperatures and densities between layers of the atmosphere. As the sun sets close to the horizon, you get this effect and the distortion gets greater as it gets closer to the horizon. Watch the sun set over the ocean and it's obvious to the naked eye. This is from a ground based camera, not space based.

Jan said...

That stuff is VERY WEIRD.

The size must be several times the size of earth, since you can see the object compared to the sun in that scale!

Lol at visual artifact/atmospheric distortion explenations! Ofcourse you cannot say its a weather balloon or swampgas at that location! :) HAHA

Semvhu said...

Just eyeballing the "object"'s movement, it covers the entire diameter of the sun in approximately one second. That's 1,392,000 km per second, or about 4.5 times the speed of light.

What makes more sense? 1) This was a supermassive object flinging through space clipping the top of the sun at 4.5 times the speed of light, or 2) it was visual trickery due to atmospheric distortions? You decide, but I already know my conclusion.

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