Monday, February 16, 2009

A closer look at the 1996 Olivers castle 'hoaxed' Crop circle Orb formation

The famous 'orbs forming a crop circle video' is one of the most watched crop circle videos on youtube, after much investigation it was meant to be an elaborate hoax but yet the video remains a contraversy to this day -  whats your opinion?  - you can discuss this further here in this topic forum.

Oliver’s Castle (northwest of Devizes, England) when a formation appeared in the fields just below this famous landmark at approximately 5:00 am on August 11, 1996.  A camper and amateur photographer was allegedly able to videotape a 17 to 18 second segment during which four balls of light (some 3-4 feet in diameter) appeared, apparently initiating and completing the entire formation virtually instantaneously!   

After this videotape was carefully and exhaustively studied by experts in the field  it appears that, according to Colin Andrews, Joyce Murphy, and Stuart Conway , the film sequence “shows either a very elaborate attempt to fraud or we have secured the most incredibly important UFO and crop circle film footage ever.”

With further analysis this footage is discussed further in the Geographic channels obviously skeptic documentary on crop circles - is it real? , which originally aired in 2005 :

 Note: you can discuss this further here in this topic forum.

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