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Anonymous said...

I thought these lights on the images are merely reflections of lights in a window ?? ??

meldie said...

Here it is on video. I don't know if this video is authentic but it has been on youtube for a while:

Anonymous said...

thats not the whitehouse, its congress building dumbass

jeff said...

Hey! Anonymous! Have you discovered any photos, or videos or news paper articles (in 1952) about this incident?

Everyone here is smart enough to recognize the Capitol.

But the noun used for the original reports used "Whitehouse,"
instead of "Capitol." in the title.

This is known as "misdirection," whether it was intended or not.

If someone purposely used "Whitehouse" in the title of a report, or file, or other document, then those of us using computers NOW must use the same noun, or we may never discover what we are looking for.

Please, try not to be so quick to judge, and being rude, and stating the obvious. You might actually attract new friends.

Sorry, using "Anonymous" is kind of like admitting you're a sniper. Conceal yourself, take a cheap shot from a good distance, and no one will ever find you.

Read the stories, watch the video, and you might learn something you didn't know before.

Have a happy day!

jeff said...

"reflections" sounds a lot like a statement being made by the government to cover up the truth as usual.

When I saw the picture, I thought the same thing..., that is the Capitol! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! The important thing is the UFOs in the background!

There were lots and lots and lots of people who witnessed this. Our President Truman, made a statment, to the press.

Apparently there was a video as well. The UFOs were chased not once but twice. Did anyone catch that?

I don't think using words like "dumbass" will contribute anything constructive. We are trying to get to the truth. What the hell are you doing "Anonymous?"

jeff said...

Anonymous, others have noticed more important things than supposed "reflections." They have gone to some trouble to dig up old forgotten/important news items, Presidential address on UFOs, and even managed to find a video or two (I'm guessing).

Oh, thanks for pointing out that the Congress building is not the White House. I would've never figured that out.

In 1952, the original story used "White House."

In 1952 the Washington Post was one of the news papers reporting on the incident. One of the actual pilots admitted the UFOs out ran their interceptor jets.

I'm not sure which publication I'm quoting just below here. This excerpt appeared with the photo of the Capitol. The rest of the story disappeared from the web site I was visiting. I managed to get some of the text.

"The Washington D.C. Incident First spotted on an air traffic controller's radar seven objects moved in unusual flight patterns that witnesses called bright orange lights. The most publicized sightings occurred in consecutive weekends with the objects moving over the White House. The incident was so publicized it prompted President Truman to demand an explanation."

If anyone is interested, one can find all kinds of incidents involving "orange lights" flying in various formations, considered as UFOs. One more thing, a UFO was recently reported over the White House..., I haven't been able to find the story yet.

How many coincidences does it take to deduce this is no conincidence?

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a movie based on this incident. It was in black and white and included the original videos over the Capitol and also...that's right, the White House. I can't remember the name of the movie and I;ve failed to find it in IMDB searching for "UFO DC Capitol 1952". I believe the movie was from the 1950s but I'm not sure.

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