Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lights over Billericay Essex 27 Oct 2009

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UFO's over Billericay Essex (27 Oct 2009 @ 19:55)
We counted a group of 23....they were much higher than the planes...and we saw one plane that changed direction completely when he saw this. I have also taken photos with my Nikon D80 200mm lens and when zoomed in they appear triangular in shape...almost like the outline of a house fly or fighter jet. There has been many sightings around Essex in the last few months and the MOD in the UK has now also released files on previous encounters/sightings of UFO's in Essex. Heini van Niekerk
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energielibera-freeenergy said...

UFO exist and come from outer space

Quinroxanne said...

Nice video. Seems so interesting for me.Hmmm...

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