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Airbus A-320 Mexicana Airlines encounters Ufo over Xochimilco Mexico

Here's some news we won't here from our American pilots . Note - Mexican pilots have been openly reporting quite a few Ufo reports recently - its no surprise as so manyUfo reports have been coming in from Mexico over the last 2 months:
On Monday January 18, 2010 an Airbus A-320 Mexicana Airlines flew past a UFO while flying in Xochimilco.
This occurred during the ascent operation, to achieve a straight and level flight, being 11:55 pm The Mexican airliner passed about 200 m of a spherical metallic-looking object that changed color (from gray to bright red aluminum). The plane was headed toward the east of Mexico City, while the UFO was south.
According to unofficial data, and with excellent weather conditions, the UFO was visually detected, which was flying at an altitude of about 10,000 m.
The aviation personnel of the AICM (Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico) had access to information.
It is noteworthy that in this area, especially the boating area near Xochimilco, have discussed the same type of objects: metal spheres that fly just above the canal.
Annex photographs of the plane and the image of a UFO similar to the January 18 meeting

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Related recent Mexican Video Footage:
"The first object I saw by chance, was not in routine observation. Was headed to the area of volcanoes, it was noon. Then, at 15:40 hours on 17, saw what is known as the flotilla, the good thing is that I managed to capture them with the reference of an airplane. Most impressive was a huge area that brought a smaller one as sentinel. This material will give it next week for you to analyze and to make them available.

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