Monday, March 29, 2010

Ufos that drop probes ? new videos

These 2 new videos show what may be 'rpbes' coming out from Ufos
Ufo emits red then twin white orbs, another crafts flies by white orb . New Jersey 3/26/10

Poster comments:
8-9:30 pm 1 st - craft that LOOKS like a plane shoots out a red , twin white then red orb ( the orb CHANGES ! color and shape ! 2 nd - This craft flies by a white orb ? 3 rd - what the hell is it ? Where is the tail light ?
And from the philippines:

9:30 pm. march 26, 2010 philippines Rate this posting:

1 comment:

Push Back said...

Airplanes and Chinese lanterns. No one can be trusted anymore. The world is filled with humans that are hoaxers and liers.

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