Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Budd Hopkins on Coast to Coast

A Controversial interview with NewYork Artist Budd Hopkins. Mr Hopkins joined George Knapp to talk about his new memoir, Art, Life and UFOs, which traces his life as a ufologist and alien abduction researcher, as well as a expressionist painter:

In November 1975, an interview with a store owner in his Manhattan neighborhood began his decades-long investigation into alien encounters. The storekeeper described seeing a vehicle hovering off the ground in North Hudson Park, and then a group of 10-11 small-sized beings emerging. The beings, which he said looked like "kids in snowsuits," appeared to be digging up dirt and putting them in "little satchels." In 1976, the Village Voice published Hopkins' first writing about the UFO enigma, and the Hudson Park case in particular.
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When was Ann Coulter abducted?

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