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Faith Rhyne said...

Hello! My name is Faith and I have been documenting some very peculiar (structurally) cloud formations here in Asheville, North Carolina. The appearance of these clouds has coincided with a number of very odd occurences with me personally and, recently (though possibly unrelated) in Buncombe County.

You can see pictures of the clouds (I still have 1000s to 'process' and file) and some of my - admittedly subjective - observations/impressions. I am happy to answer questions as to what I specifically noted as being unusual about the clouds.

I am not a UFO fanatic, nor am I a non-UFO fanatic. I am just a lady who, circumstantially, spends a lot of time on her porch.

The angularity of the clouds suggests some outside influence.


Faith R. Rhyne
Asheville, NC
[email protected]

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