Tuesday, June 14, 2011

UFO filmed in LIMA, PERU, march 2011

Interesting Ufo video in from Lima Peru:
Posters comments:
Recorded on 2, 3 and 5 March 2011 night, the lights could be seen sometimes more powerful, sometimes less, some remained stationed in the air, some advanced, in a monent another 3 at the same time at some distance the other.

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Anonymous said...

why do people choose music to play along with their sighting?must be kids huh?i have gotten to where i just mute the sound!

Anonymous said...

AC/DC & UFOs! Now that'll make it more believable, eh? NOT!

Anonymous said...

Huh!huh!...that,s music??

I can only say,don't have your volume up,when you start this video
or you could fall off your keyboard
let alone concentrate on anything.

Randall said...

Whether this video was created by kid or not doesn't really doesn't matter.

Is the light in the video possibly a extraterrestrial or is it an ordinary plane or helicopter?

Who cares!!
We got ACDC playing in the background. Hell Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

More Idiot UFO music

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