Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pictures of the Blood moon eclipse

Numerous pictures and video has come in of the red Blood moon eclipse from the other night.
If you have taken any photos it would be great if you can share then with our community by uploading via the 'upload' link above.
The colour change was caused by a scattering of sunlight as it passed through the thin ring of the earth's atmosphere, removing the blue light and passing mainly the red, some of which illuminated the moon.
At the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, some 300 people, many clutching coffee cups in the frigid morning air, sat with blankets and chairs on the observatory's great lawn. Source

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Anonymous said...

Who the F is scotty? What a jerk!

The Blood moon, scotty, means that the Elohim are getting ready to get back at all you anti-Israeli jerks! Be prepared for payback.

Oh and, scotty, you won't be beamed up. You will rot on earth like all the other savages.

No higher phase for you scotty...

Anonymous said...

Is it a full moon, or somethin??

I couldn't think of a more beautiful place,than this wonderful
Earth to rot on in our Autumn years
in the fall of time, while you jerk
around for ever, like the dirt minded worm you gone with you!

Anonymous said...

Omg what an insane and rude rant!
Talking about savages,heh? Well you're obviously one yourself and you will rot on earth with all the other savages and won't get beamed up and reach a higher phase!
Ok, this is me the one who wrote that insane rant against poor Scotty, who is probably a nicer person than I am.  I'm very sorry for my bad craziness and offer my sincere apologies to Scotty. I've no idea what got over me, probably the blood moon...

Anonymous said...

I don't know,is this a "bloodmoon" split personality test?:)

insult & opologize!?

Well, WE SEE RED! and it ain't the moon!?.....when I think of it, I've never seen a red moon anyway!?
but I've seen a red face..MINE!
Don't we just fall right into,sometimes!?...FREE SPEECH!??
its good, if you know how to use it.......

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