Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ufo video King's Lynn UK 26th March 2012

Ufo light show again over King's Lynn UK

Poster comments:
This has to be the greatest UFO show on earth, recorded yesterday 26-03-12 at 20:20 hours outside Bawsey Woods King's Lynn UK. Check out the Bright objects hovering over the little ships, plus see the bigger ships descending into the woods and pits. Over 40 ships seen and recorded over a 2 mile distance.
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Anonymous said...

I always get suspicious when there is an air field close to where the sighting was made. The Marham Airfield is located just 8 1/2 miles from King's Lynn.

Anonymous said...

NOT BAD!....You must be seeing all the "top secret stuff" up there where you are, but down here, it must be well above "top secret" so secret, there's nothing to see, nothing at all! lol
the only thing we get to see, are head lights, e v e r y night:)
so where are they all?....well! for
us anyway.

Anonymous said...

its a shame the camera work is so poor even the cars driving past look like ufos.i think a normal camcorder with manual focus would be a much better tool to accurately record and evaluate what ever is flying about around there.that green blurry nightvision scope is pretty bad.
if these big lights are normal jets coming in this guy could be in trouble shining lasers at them like that.
what did seem interesting was the bunch of small flashing lights but like i said the camera work is so bad the video is worthless from a scientific point of view.

Anonymous said...

uk/cant tell diffrence between helicopter and ufo.

Jamie said...

Hi! A friend & I witnessed the very first object seen in this. We saw this in South Cambridge (Hardwick) the day after you posted this. (27th)
I also heard a strange drone sound, but we only saw the one light with the 'pulsing' sensation. This slowly started to vanish, flew back upwards after around 5 minutes of watching. Strange stuff! I believe the object in this vid is the exact same as what I saw. The distance between Kings Lynne and Cambridge is not far at all, especially in a UFO!!

luvoz said...

it looks like earthly things are happening here .

Hieronymus Braintree said...

One of these days someone is going to have to round up witnesses or maybe call a news agency or something so we multiple verifications.

Anonymous said...

UFO's with perfect civil aeronautic approved strobes! Those cheeky monkeys!

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