Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Crop Circle - The Planets. Poirino, Italy 17/06/2012

Recent crop circle:

Santena, nr Poirino Italy June 17 2012 
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Anonymous said...

I haven’t seen the video until the end (sorry), but I think that the big outer ellipse is an eye (not a sun), that has nine eyelashes on the top and nine on the bottom. I have seen somewhere that 9 symbolizes the creator God/ess; hence 9+9= 18, and 1+8= 9. So it does look like the “eye in the sky” that sees all is trying to send a message of some kind.

Elijah Huspek said...

The center of the eye looks like the layout for how the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun. Check it out.

infamouskoala said... it just me.... orrrr... do most of the latest "crop circles" looked faked as all hell. I am a firm believer in extraterrestrial life, but a lot of these new crop circles look fake as hell to I alone in this?

Anonymous said...


It depends on how you define what you mean by: FAKE!

One would assume, these are made at night,right? the "dark" of how many guys would be needed, over what period of hours it would take,in the dark!to flatten a field, so "HUGE!" with a complex geometric patten, so neet! so sharp!...IN THE DARK OF NIGHT???
for some of these Crop Circles,you have to ask your this possible?? when you consider the enormous work of measuring accurately,& flattening ALL THIS IN THE DARK OF NIGHT!?...alot, would say; IMPOSSIBLE!!!...So whom or "WHAT", is doing this???

Elijah Huspek said...

Maybe its saying that the eye see's everything in the Universe. The all seeing eye.

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