Friday, March 29, 2013

The Secret History Of UFOs

A good UFO documentary for you to watch this Easter Holiday:
From military reports and radar readings to pilot accounts and eyewitness testimony, sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects have captured the public’s fascination for decades. Despite hundreds of photos and videos of purported UFOs, we still have no scientific proof we’re being visited by extraterrestrials—Do UFO sightings deserve scientific study? Or can the phenomenon be explained…
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Nemesis said...

Funny isn't it? If this program was about global warming there would be no balanced view, no two sides to the story as there is in this video.

Only when the subject is UFO related do we get a 'balanced' view!

And as usual with this type of video from National Geographic, they have omitted many compelling facts that if included would cause most open minded folk to think!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Documentary and thanks.

But in "66 years" from 1947..Will the Skeptics be any the better off for having seen this Documentary?

I saw a few well known Skeptics in this video that still hold to their
old views of logic, while the Believers speak for them selves!?

Its agony, but Balanced!? =.0

I saw good examples, of clear viewing of aircraft,and thought why
not the same for UFOs!?...... WHY?

For 66yrs.People have talked this to death, and still no better off!?

66yrs..and I'm amazed that this story, "of thousands of years" has not been resolved yet!!! "yawn"

Is anyone out there? Hello!....

What are we waiting for?

What are they waiting for?

Another 66yrs!?

Hell no!There is talk of a Nuclear strike,there maybe no more time for
us,and I've heard that ETs.won't stand for this destruction on Earth
so watch this space, or maybe its too late,for all the RED TAPE,we've
made for our selves over the 66yrs.
of not taking this seriously, and the Compartmentalization, with access, only if you have a need to know,and so on.The Lies,the holding
back of the Peoples right to know,
because of a FEW; who thought the People couldn't handle the truth,
and have successfully Prevented DISCLOSURE..."officially"...

To Whom?....but WE the Tax payers!!

On top of that:

FAKE Photos, FAKE Videos, FAKE CGIs
held up the TRUTH!!! and now its about to come back,and bite them on the arrrrrrrs.The serious thing is:..

Everyone loses!!!

BOOOOOOM!~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END

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