Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UFOs Are Sleepless In Seattle! 24/03/2013

New UFO video in from Seattle!
We would like to hear from any others in Seattle who may have also seen these lights.

Filmers comments:
We live in Seattle on Queen Anne hill, north of the space needle. Sea Tac int. airport is close so we see planes all the time. My girlfriend hadjust gone to bed and I ssat down to watch something on netflix.
Out the southern window I saw these two bright red lights through the leafless tree outside our building coming our direction. There was a low cloud cover and they didnt look "right" Looked like red road flares but not on the road. I thought they might be planes but they really didnt look like planes. Too brilliant and just red with a whitish center.
I called to my girlfriend to come take a look. She did and told me she thought it was strangethat they were flying in a wobbly line. She knew I was a fan of funny things in the sky so it wasnt a shock to her when I had my phone, a flashlight and my shoes on by the time she turned from the window.
I shot down 3 flights of stairs and out onto the street. I ran to where I could see them and didnt have a street light blinding me. I began to film after I wiped my phones camera lens. I didnt want to be "that guy"
I began to loose track of the lead object when I saw another making 3. I filmed them for a few moments and a jet came from around a building, climbing. It must have seen them. It passed so close. Im guessing this based off the cloud cover it and they seemed to be under. The plane ascending into the clouds infront of the objects and out of sight within frame of the camera. It could be heard clearly but the objects remained visable and still moving North.
They began to get lost in the clouds and I stopped filming. I lost sight of them moments later. The end...?

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Chris said...

Awesome raw footage, good to see some filming. There not moving either so definitely not planes of some sort.

Anonymous said...

I hope they fly south! I'm in Mt. Angel, Oregon. Good Catch. What time was it when you filmed them?

Stephanie Marken said...

Great footage. I wonder why so many people find it so difficult to believe that UFOs exist and have been visiting Earth for quite some time. It seems ridiculous to me to think we are alone in this enormous universe. What a waste of real estate it would be if our planet was the only one with life, among billions and billions of other planets.

Timothy Collins said...

Good footage but I don't know what it is. I live on Mercer Island and know that we have a lot of airplanes going over the city (of all sizes) as well as the helicopters going to the hospitals, so I guess it *could* be that. I can't say for certain yet so I have to say that this is a flying object that is unidentified - a UFO.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely amazes me how people can get so worked up about a bunch of damned chinese lanterns and somehow see other-wordly craft in them Please stop the madness and don't post this junk anymore....

Anonymous said...

LOL...Would you be,absoltely amazed
if it turned out NOT to be a bunch of damn Chinese Lanterns? I mean, don't blame the People, blame the Chinese Lanterns! its hard to know the "difference" sometimes,..and Chinese Lanterns, don't make it any easier!? It takes a trained eye,and not everyone has that.

People only know, what they think they see, or they;

Which CAN be closer!?

Which is it,to be?

If they are not Chinese Lanterns,
then what is it,they're all seeing?

Of cause,...everything can be Chinese Lanterns,if that is what you wish, and choose, but a closed mind,can be like a closed Parachute
sooner or later,the cord needs to be pulled,to the realization that what seemed to be so obvious,can now be seen in a differnt light of
reality.An open mind,and a keen eye
is the answer,so keep your eye to the sky, and your feet firmly on the ground,you might get to see your first Lantern:

That ISN'T!!:).................?

Anonymous said...

Why do people like you come to this site and criticise every thing you see, try and keep an open mind.....sceptics stay away. ps you must be curious otherwise why are you on this site

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the saying:

A closed Mind, like a closed Parachute:..Neither will work,until

Anonymous said...

SCEPTICS stay away?? Noooo!:)

Sceptics keep our feet on the ground, REMEMBER?...95% of sightings can be explained away!
while:[ONLY 5%] are unexplainable!?

Remember also,Sceptics CAN, become
BELIEVERS!?...There are sceptics &
there are sceptics!?

Some are "unsure sceptics!" & SOME
would just rather explain away the
very thing they see, thats staring
them in the face,and REAL!! They would be challenged, with the reality they've never known before
and would be a shock!!! Its easier
for them to explain it away,than to
except the reality of what they see
and never ever believed could be
possible...A closed mind,in other words!?every where,or not sure.....

Anonymous said...

What ever it is it was seen again last night over seattle, edmonds area . So i doubt its chinese lanterns.. Seen on march 27 2013.

Rancid Flatulence said...

The orange orbs may have been remote probes, from a larger UFO. I got to see one of these orange probes up close and personal. It moved across the length of a strip mall parking lot, at roof top level, and then shot up into the sky right in front of me. Couldn't see the host UFO that night, but I'm assuming it was likely the same craft that was hanging around over me at the bus stop at 6:40am, three days earlier. For video of what it looked like, type in UFO Buckeye AZ on Youtube. Look for a vid recorded on Jan15th by two girls in thier car. My sighting was the following morning in PHX.

Anonymous said...

I saw these and called a friend to tell her. seen through binoculars for a long time from south end of bainbridge, toward exact area. Also airplanes seen frequent and these were markedly different. Same date.

Anonymous said...

I saw similar lights that same night over my house in the northgate area in a diamond pattern they moved northeast totally silent oh and my roommate saw them

Anonymous said...

What's not captured in video is the quality of light that the viewer sees coming from these objects. I'm sure the photographer perceived this difference. BTW, our Space Brothers leave graffiti too--google Mysterious XOs of Light Seattle

Anonymous said...

I also live in upper Queen Anne. Tonight my boyfriend and I saw something very similar to what you filmed. We had no idea what it was. We wanted to see if anyone else had seen it. We noticed that today is April 24, exactly one month after you saw this. It would be interesting to see if the same thing is out there on May 24th.

Steppenwolf said...

I saw something very similar to these lights last night, 7/19/2013. I was at Cal Anderson Park watching he outdoor movie, there were hundreds of people there. Around 10:45 or so all of a sudden there were three red glowing "orb" lights floating in the sky. Immediately all of us there started talking, "what is that?", "Look at those lights". They seemed to be floating but in a distinct direction, from the north-east and then headed south straight towards the moon. as they floated up to the southern sky they would fade away and disappear. So there were three of them at first. And then a few minutes later another 2 came along and did the same thing. And then about 5 minutes later again about 2 more came and did the same thing, in the same direction, disappearing at about the same point in the sky. They had a reddish glow to them, no blinking lights like an airplane, and they seemed to be a circle shaped object. Their flight path was a little wobbly too, not moving in a perfect straight line like an airplane would. And the fact that they disappear so fast seemed like they were traveling at a very fast speed into space or something. I hadn't thought of a "Japanese light lantern", and I suppose it could be, except that all of these lights were traveling in a very distinct direction, and all of them faded out at the same point in the sky, one after another, over the course of about 15 minutes. Did anybody else see these?!!!

Anonymous said...

I live in kent area and out from my bedroom window im seing same light redist kind and the light is approximately above seatac area and this is the second night that I see the light in same area of the horizon.

Claudius Phaedrus said...

I saw saw those too! I saw a total of eight. I live in Eastlake. They came from the northwest and landed in the west. Tonight the 24th from 920-950 . They just kept coming

Anonymous said...

I saw this from west seattle, there were three lights that looked like orion's belt coming up from the horizon, orange as would be normal coming up. I had never seen this so low before. they were equally spaced, just like orion's belt. The top one disappeared, and a new light appeared in line with the other 2, but as if it had skipped a spot and was now below, as if there should have been 4 stars in orion's belt and the third was missing. The either last or second to last from the bottom disappeared and then the other, leaving only the one light, what was the 2nd light down shinning for about another minute or so. at this point all three (or 4) were gone.

Anonymous said...

It could be light lampions, you know, the kind you light up and they float away.

Anonymous said...

I saw 4 orange orbs Walking back from Safeway on top of Queen and during the day. I stood there watching them for a while. I've never seen anything like that before in my life. Three of them flew in the Triangle formation. And another one was lingering behind
I almost called 911 To see if anybody else has seen them. What did it because I thought they'd think I was crazy. I'm glad to find this. I work nights and I'm listening to a radio show people are saying these things all over the country. And describe them exactly like what I saw. They remind me of floating lanterns with this really hard orange color.

Anonymous said...

I saw about a dozen of these tonight 8/9/14 at about 10:30pm. I live in Mt. Baker near the lake, and they were in the sky looking towards the west. They were just very slowly floating way off in the distance heading slowly south - in no real formation. Very bizarre!

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