Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Undeniable Evidence - New UFO Disclosure Documentary

Interesting new UFO documentary and good watch.
A look at UFO disclosure over the last decade, up until today and where we are heading.
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Anonymous said...

Oh please, not this charlatan again

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

Calling him a charlatan, Anonymous!
is a bit strong, don't you think?

You don't need to like him,just understand him!?

One of his best Videos:

[The 2001 UFO. Conference, at the National press club]..What would you call that? If you have not seen
I suggest you do so!!

If you call him a charlatan,what do you call, all the others at the
National press club Mmmmmmm!?......

Anonymous said...

"What if," Stephen Greer could finally be exposed as a fraud? Ah well, we can only live in hope!

Cuervobrillante said...

"Anonymous" - well and truly, of course - attacks the admirable Dr Steven Greer, just like all the other secret agenda comatose turnips do!
- Not to worry! - Very soon those rotting roots within the system are going to be dragged out of the dark dank mould they love; and the ENTIRE world will see the obvious: in the trillions upon trillions of uncountable galaxies; surprise surprise - We are NOT the only sentient beings!

Anonymous said...

WHAT IF???...What if Stephen Greer
is NOT braking any Law! don't you think he deserves the same RESPECT
that I'm sure, he'd give you!?

I mean why don't we call YOU a fraud,for not explaining yourself!

Where's the proof?

At least he's got the guts to stand up for what he believes in, while Anonymously, you lot stick labels on him, without explanation, shame on you!!..

Its a cowardly act Anonymous!?
he's not here to defend himself,
from your unproven accusation.

Why do you think he's Fraudulent?

Is it, talking about UFO.& Aliens?

Or is it the spiritual aspect of
meditation for contact?

IS IT MONEY? 0.0 $$$$$$$

Haha! We all need it..............

Cuervobrillante said...

'"what if" Stephen Greer could finally be exposed as a fraud' - It is propounded! - I might add, that notion could have been spawn straight out of the Bilderbuggers' pathetic jelly!

Ric Hansen said...

You guys are idiots. At least he has the balls to face you naysayers. I suppose all of those he helped convince to speak the truth are frauds. Find another website if you dont believe, or beat up your dog or something.

Cuervobrillante said...

Don't you just love the way the 'censor' here thinks the TRUTH can be erased forever?
- Time to say GAME OVER soon, buster! try to make hay while the sun shines; your time is nearly up! hehehe!

Anonymous said...

The question must be: IS Stephen Greer, a Charlatan???...IF NOT!

Then you People must be, his opposition!! and THAT would say it all...............:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You people need to Thank Steven Greer! He is the person who is making the most Historical event in History become unveiled. He has made it that so much of the Truth is being told! He and people like Edgar Mitchell are Amazing for telling the truth of UFO's and ET's. It is a fact people there are billions of Galaxy's and many ET Civilizations. Everybody needs to be supportive of the Amazing Steven Greer! This is the most important event in History uniting us with our Amazing Star brothers and Star sisters!

Anonymous said...

Just to shift the focus from Stephen Greers line of work,for the energy,what have you!?
and remind everyone that Stephen is
not the only one, "in the KNOW!!"
that we receive information from.

Many sourcers on the net,such as:


Recently,I was listening to a video
recording from,"Kerry Lynn Cassidy"
of PROJECT CAMELOT. Kerry was speaking about Extraterrestrials!

One group of "Human" like ETs. she was saying,were having difficulty
with their planet! To cut along story short, Kerry goes on to say;

The Human like ETs. have, by arrangement, in their "thousands!"
been coming to earth for some time now,are here NOW!!and still coming!
goes on to say!...AND GET THIS!!

They wish to buy land in South Africa!!...0.0 ?

Did I hear right???

Here on one hand, Stephen Greer is doing his best to prove to us that
ETs. do indeed exist! and on the other hand,Kerry is saying they are
already here in amongst us, in there thousands, eager to buy land in South Africa!?........?


Are we too far ahead for you?:)

Speak nicely to strangers!?

Song:Strangers in the night......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Surely there is something in this with all those credible witnesses coming forward. Perhaps the truth behind the cover up is too scary to comprehend which is why the governments keep this quiet. For example if they have allowed people to be abducted in return for technology. I suppose the only way you can ever know for sure is if this happens to you and then if you tell people they will think your crazy

Anonymous said...

SURE,there is something in this with all those credible witnesses coming forward,..brave at that!! but which is worse? To be called a Charlatan,or Crazy???..Its something that Ufology has lived with for years! but in spite of that,..The truth stands STRONGER!!!
OR those witnesses would not have come forward!..What would you do,in the face of those odds?......

Stephen Greer,deserves merit for his ability to bring people together, for the TRUTH they hold in witness...............Hip!-Hip!

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who suggests that UFOs are anything but alien spacecraft soon finds out how it feels to be taken apart by a pack of flesh-ripping religious weasels!" ~ Peter Brooke-Smith, Fortean Times, May, 2000.​

Anonymous said...

Get a better life,Anoymous at:10:19am..your dribbling again,what are you on about? For your information
95% of sightings are not alien spacecraft at all,and are explained
away!Any of us,are only interested in the 5% that cannot be explained
as anything other than off planet or exotic technology from somwhere.
Who cares about the 95% that CAN be
explained away!

There is a CURE for your loose minded dribble,go to CHURCH and learn the moral values of respect for others,including yourself!?

Your mouth & mind is appalling,
uncivil & irresponsible to the rights of others.

Shame on you!............

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