Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Local Fishermen Witness UFO Over Omaha, USA: 18/05/2013

In Omaha, a sleepy town in Nebraska, the local fishing men recorded this UFO video over the lake which they were fishing in:

Filmers comments: A glowing pulsating white light discends on a lake which had a few people fishing on its banks, the sighting is quite a shock to a few but this recorder stood his ground and was able to record the bright light that reflected its light of the lakes flat waters. But what is it? He states: We were fishing in Omaha, NE, and saw this...05/18/2013 Credits:thaman
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Rooster said...

Looks like an airliner taking off. What they call as a "reflex" at water is just a lens flare.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know why this was posted.They thought it was a plane,and at the very end he said,
you can hear it!! of cause he stood his ground,they all thought it was a plane.I wonder what they would have done,if this light had come down, low & slow,overhead! I can just hear, ah!ah!
ready to go? I think the other way!:)..good to hear them laughing though...................

Anonymous said...

I would hardly call Omaha a sleepy town when it is by far the biggest metropolitan area in Nebraska with a population of over one million.

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