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Meteor crash and debris in Yucatan sparks UFO concerns ovni

UFO ovni report Yucatan Mexico
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Neighbours of the police say that since you registered the impact of a meteorite on Sunday evening, 300 meters into the forest, of the population, have seen strange objects flying over the place. Ramon Uicab Tun, a resident of the precinct, said that at night a noise similar to a washing machine running, but when you leave your home to see what it sees nothing suspicious. "I'm sure it's some kind of flying ship, and that sound comes from above and I heard last night (Friday), but it went away and I did not see anything," refers.. Source read more
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Anonymous said...

I have become convinced that the earth is not being visited by ETs. These things are the work of demons.

Anonymous said...

Wish i could read more about this but the rest is in spanish

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:58 AM...

We would like to ask, what do you think demons are? and where do you think they come from? Its not that they don't exist,as much as WHY they exist? if they exist at all? We have reason to consider they do exist! but what are they? and where do they come from, any more, than the question of where do ETs come from. Could demons be extraterrestrial [ET] in nature? One & the same thing?? A species that do not like humans,and have been here on earth for a very long time. A species that came to earth, long time ago, from elsewhere!?

The understanding of this, can be by "WORD ASSOCIATION" but the entities, one & the same!?

Could it be like saying: I have become convinced that plants do not prick us, it is the work of the black roses thorns!..well a rose is a plant, but not all plants, will prick us!?..While Plants can enhance our lives magnificently, with food & their beauty! others can be poisonous!! BUT! they are all plants!:)..If we focus on the bad things in life,the good might be overlooked somewhat.........?

The general them is: The STRONG survive the weak! or the STRONG overpower the weak! or The SURVIVAL of the Fittest!?..

On the other side of the coin, it's seen: The STRONGEST support the weak, until STRONGER!
Example: Parents & their young!..

But more impressively,and especially in the animal kingdom with some birds.The Parent will feed the demand of the stronger chick first,and in turn,the stronger chick will feed its much weaker sibling!

"Hart warming!" and in another species of bird,the stronger chick will shove the weaker, out of the nest,for all the food it'll now receive.So how strange can nature get in the struggle for survival of the fittest? The point being here,is you can see it sometimes in humanity!! SHAME on their intelligence for the greed we see so often. That's nature! but intelligence is suppose to surpass this, and does!! but not everywhere...

In humanity, are we demonized by money? to have more than we actually need,while others drop by the way.It doesn't seem to me, to be a logical balance,but that,s the way it is.Who cares if the chick is shoved out, so long as greed, guarantees survival!!Something wrong with this,if its at the expense of others welfare.

Look at oil! when we could have free energy to improve our way of life.And who benefits from the megabucks generated from this?....The demons in power???.........................

Anonymous said...

Demons are angelic beings with a malicious nature. They are of a spiritual nature, that is, not flesh and blood, and communicate telepathically. They cause sickness, death when they can, mental illness, but most of all, confusion to human minds and try to instill hostility to God. You will find the most confusion among those who try to solve demonic mysteries with the help only of human effort and thought without the help of God through prayer. If you feel demons are your friends, watch out, they do not like you or anyone.

Anonymous said...

Excellent description of demons, yes!! and often God gets the blame,in a major disaster! LIKE: why did he allow
this?... or why did he do that?... but of cause he didn't did he?...

The question by..["Anonymous 9:37 AM"] a question more in depth of the possibility, in concept, THAN anything, anyone could answer at this point. A thought to ponder!?

We understand what we've been taught,but what has been taught, maybe incomplete or wrong, in some way!?
There is a lot of things, that do not add up, or make sense!?....FOR EXAMPLE!!

It's said, in the christian world of teachings, that "Adam & Eve" were the FIRST TWO Humans that God had created in HIS IMAGE!! but the word "OUR" was used! and "OUR" means more than one!? and yes,today we use this word loosely, for ourselves, meaning for each of us,but still more than one!? OR its ours! one or more!?

MOVING ON....Adam & Eve, had two sons..Cain & Abel!! They beget unto themselves, [two Wives!!]

The problem here with this is..if at this point,there are only FOUR people around at that time, in the garden of EDEN!..Where did they beget their two wive from???.......? Something wrong with this,wouldn't you think!? and it doesn't end there!...

Archaeological findings, date back thousand to millions of years ago!!!..and some of the findings are kept back from us.They call this: Hidden archaeology!! Why? because it does not fit the story in our ancient history.
While hidden archaeology is staring us in the face,waiting for its truth to be revealed.

So do we continue to exercise in good faith, in what, unknown!? or do we start digging into our past for at leased, "SOME" answers? Did the Pyramids & Ancient sites, with all its citizens, exist before the creation of Adam & Eve in the garden of EDEN?..because if so, Adam & Eve were NOT the first two human beings on earth! So where would that leave us?..sad! but true..............................on & on.

Jesse Welsh said...

Haha. Read your bible. Adam and Eve had more children than just Cain and Abel. Plus Abel was murdered. Brothers and sisters married at first because there was no other option and the gene pool was still perfect. The earth isn't millions or even billions of years old though. You shouldn't just pick and choose what you want to believe out of the bible and discard the rest. I say this in a very humble way.

Jesse Welsh said...

Haha. Read your bible. Adam and Eve had more children than just Cain and Abel. Plus Abel was murdered. Brothers and sisters married at first because there was no other option and the gene pool was still perfect. The earth isn't millions or even billions of years old though. You shouldn't just pick and choose what you want to believe out of the bible and discard the rest. I say this in a very humble way.

Anonymous said...

We would like it understood,that: "Gods creation of all things" and-or the "Bible" is NOT a worthless teaching!!

It needs to be understood.The Bible in its readings,or teaching, WHILE magnificent in its value of wisdom,is still WIDE open for INTERPRETATION, in many areas!? "INCOMPLETE if you like!?" ..WHY?..THAT's the question!

Its MAN's interpretation, over the 2000 yrs. that sends us on a journey of uncertainty.UNCERTAINTY, when especially things don't add up!!

Is it because of the Scholars, who wrote the Bible in the first place [MAN] and the second testament,for clearer understanding:) BUT STILL open to interpretation!?

It seems, the powers that be,are at the helm of interpretation!! While Archaeology is finding a completely different story, some of which, suggests ANCIENT EXTRATERRESTRIAL INFLUENCE in the past!? and there is a lot of evidence for this line of thinking!? Remember? "PumaPunku" thought to be some 14000 yrs. Oldest city 12,800 ft.up in the "Andes Bolivia" and so on......................Check it out!! [PumaPunku]

Anonymous said...

To Jesse Welsh 10:10AM......

I'm sorry,but your comment on "Cain & Abel" marring their sisters,is NOT read in our Bible! only about "Cain & Abel" but we have heard of it in conversation:)..So right there! is a question of "WHO'S BIBLE"
is saying what?? This means that not all Bibles are on the same page, as it were, thus open to interpretation or assumption!?

Archaeological Dating,is a Scientific FACT!! in reality, and goes FAR beyond the christian concept of only some 6000yrs. of life on earth.

PumaPunku..thought to be about 14000 yrs. old, is said to be the oldest "ancient city" and in complete contrast with the biblical teachings, because of its age!?..It is NOT the only ancient site,of great AGE!! So how does one explain this??

To tell you the truth, I'm not that interested in a book that says "this! or that" Its obvious to me, that in 2000yrs. the story of this great book, has been "Taylor made" to suit an agenda, by theological scholars of the past,and STILL a work in progress!!..if you believe everything you have been taught,then perhaps you have been, "hook line a sunk!!"..While ancient sites & there truth in fact, are waiting to be discovered & understood,to what our true past, was really all about!!.........................

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