Friday, December 20, 2013

Huge UFO sightings over Suresnes, Mount Valerian, France, December 2013

This incredible new UFO sighting comes in from Mount Valerian, France:
Welcome your feedback on what you think this incredible large object is:

Filmers comments:
15/12/13, massive UFO activity, 14 minutes of Night Vision video with many objects recorded by me with the Newton Hornet 3.5x42. I made several shots, that I will post separately for shorter videos. Subscribe now to stay tuned! :-)

I went on the Mount Valerian, in Suresnes, against the fence of the huge terrace, with a splendid view on Paris.

Photo here (beautiful panorama)

◈ Here's what I used during my sightings: ◈

- Newton Hornet 3.5x42 Monocular
- Mini DVR "Angel Eye" (to record)
- RCA Cable
- iPhone 4S
- Panasonic SDR S70 (for big zooms, 78x Optical Zoom)
- Tripod

If you have any questions about my equipment, feel free to comment, I'll reply. 

Filmed by me in Suresnes, Mount Valerian, France, December 2013
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Anonymous said...

Tripod..Way to go!!....We say this, because if the lights being viewed, were moving around spasmodically, we could wonder if it was a UFO. moving around, or the video movement not steady!?
This can make a big difference for a comment, of what someone thinks it could be. Not so confusing!!

This video shot is tripod steady..NICE GOING!! Bright steady lights! Now what are they?

Forgive me for thinking what they appear to me to be, are: "BRIGHT landing lights" of aircraft some great distance away,coming in for a landing, in our direction!?What else could they be without jumping to conclusions!?...........................

Marcus Levy said...

Looks like a flair or one of those asian candle floaters.

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