Friday, January 03, 2014

UFO News - California State Sightings: 01/01/2013

UFO news. Recent sightings over California! Did you see these lights? If so what do you think they were? Your comments appreciated.

On New Year's Eve, many people across the state of California witnessed strange lights and craft in the sky. Witnesses in Auburn, California saw a large egg-shaped object with a bright light slowly cruising across the sky before suddenly accelerating at a high rate of speed. Others witnesses in the Sacramento area saw bright lights in a triangular formation. The same "orb triangle" UFOs were also witnessed in Los Angeles the very same night.
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Anonymous said...

Christ, new years eve night and they see some "orange glowing things moving slowly that seperated". They're called chinese lanterns!!!! Not newsworthy at all (by MSM I mean!)

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