Thursday, August 14, 2014

UFOs Sighted - Melbourne, Australia 09-02-13

Throwback Thursday! Do you remember seeing this strange activity, in the Aussie skies?
This UFO was seen during daylight. in Melbourne, Australia.February 9, 2013 at approx 05:00 PM (local time).
Posters comments"At 0:56 there is kinda an explosion on the bottom / middle area (in front of one of those two towers) another occurs at 1:42. Notice at 1:52 and 1:53, you can see one of the orbs disappears and takes off at super speed low-level and we see a streak of light in front of the city sky line."

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Anonymous said...

glad Matt you're back.



Anonymous said...

Dude! welcome back! Get posted! I'm excited to see some new reports! I hope you're feeling better!

Transopedia said...

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, come on Matt! Can we look forward to recent updates, or is this a thing of the past???


Even if we did remember the 2013th. event, in "Melbourne Australia" its just another one of many before it!?...

We need, RECENT EVENTs!!!...or...Has this all stopped? THAT! would be news in its self!!
If it were acknowledged! But we don't think so!...Soooo, whats going on???

Steadfast!? a willow! and bend in the wind.."Either can be strong".............?:)

Paul Copeland said...

hi matt, is everything ok buddy?

CSScala said...

Thats nothing more than airplanes coming to land in the airport.
This view is of someone in front of them, in this case are three coming in diferent altitudes and, as they coming close and closer to the airport, they are making the adjust of the direction and looks like they are blinking their lights.
The distance and the power of the beams of the airplanes looks like a ball of light.
The second proof of this fake is the lights of the cars passing by in the road, in the left down corner of this movie.
If this site is really serious my post will be registered and shown.
Cid Scala

Anonymous said...

Where was this? Maribyrnong ?

[email protected] said... THIS HAPPENED IN MY TRIP TO MEXICO

conspiracy spot said...

Thanks for the footage it's got me thinking about ufos thanks.

Anonymous said...

are you alive dude. no post from a long time. hoping good happened to you

Ramalgaami said...

lanterns with wire.. Easy or what..?

Anonymous said...

Look carefully at 1:54/1.55, you see a flash of light from the lower middle moving upwards to the left at about 45 deg angle. WHAT is that?!

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