Monday, August 15, 2011

Huge UFO massive power up Mt Adams

Ufo video filmed August 2011 Over Mt Adams Washington State August 2011:.
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Randall said...

Attention to all Chinese Lantern de-bunkers:


Go ahead and call this one Chinese Lantern. No one is going to believe you.

Anonymous said...

Well there you go! lol GREEN PEACE!?

Anonymous said...

Seems to be an iridium flare.
Watch and compare this:

It´s the same timeline.
"Power up", hm?

Randall said...

@anonymous #2

Until now I was unaware of iridium flares. After some research following the reference video you posted, I have to say I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Keep Watching Randall they are there >They Love Water!

Anonymous said...

Before knowing of such flares, I always looked at these videos as a light or reflection just hitting the right angle causing the burst of light. Much like a mirror and the sun, when turned the right way it is obviously brighter than others. People need to stop jumping to alien UFO conclusion so hastily without using a bit of brain or doing a little research.

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