Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nobel-wining economist says Alien Invasion could improve the economy?

I couldn't believe what i was hearing when Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman mentioned in the interview below on CNN that the spending required to repel a threat from space would possibly stimulate and save the US and global economy!. However his logic may not be too far from the truth...

With the numerous invasion hollywood type thrillers, and recent documentaries it is making many think that maybe we are really being prepared for a fake alien invasion. But would our governments get so desperate that they would infact consider such a move?

Well let me remind you of the words of warning by the late Wernher Von Braun (grandfather of the US missile defense system): "And the last card,the last card Carol will be the extraterrestrial threat ..(Dr Carol Rosin Paraphrasing)- "

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Anonymous said...

Yes all too true! but how is "the last card " going to be played out, when you think about it..Billions of people round the world, haven't even had DISCLOSURE on the ET./UFO. phenomenon yet, so how could the people believe in a Government & Scientists,that deny the existence of ETs./UFOs. and then in the next breath tell us that we are about tobe attacked by Extraterrestrials
Can you just see the people saying WHAT the??...Rubbish!!
I mean a few million of us,KNOW the story!?..but there must be alot more, who would wonder what the hell is the Government talking about!?

I for one,don't buy it! and I feel confident, that those whom know nothing about the ET/UFO.Phenomenon
will not either!?

SO!..just how is the Government going to play: "the last card?"


Hieronymus Braintree said...

Prof. Krugman is known for his puckish sense of humor in addition to which he is an outspoken Keynseian economist. As such, he advocates for a large amount of government spending during hard times in order to kick-start the economy.

It was the huge amount of deficit spending dictated by WW II that ultimately ended the Great Depression.

That and the foo fighters.

Anonymous said...

okay, how on earth are humans going to fake an invasion and make it look real?! lol sorry but this is silly

Anonymous said...

Where can I exchange Zevogs for Dollars?

Anonymous said...

They will fake it with our reversed alien tech.......DUH!

Anonymous said...

I think it will be more complicated

What do you think the people will "DO" when they find out, that they were TRICKED & FOOLED, by a..."reverse Alien Tech:"...SIR!?

and to top it off!..the other ETs.
aint goin to be so impressed, because they'll be the ones being accused for the attack, Yeah?
unless they're in on it, its getting dirty!?

NO!..I don't see it at all!?..SIR!-MAM???.......

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