Saturday, August 20, 2011

"ETs - Benefit or Harm Humanity" Study was not endorsed by NASA

An update on this story which is doing the rounds on the internet - many media outlets are falsely claiming that this study was endorsed by NASA - this is not true:

“Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis” was written by Penn State student Seth D. Baum and post-doc Jacob D. Haqq-Misra and Shawn D. Domagal-Goldman a post-doc in NASA’s Planetary Science Division. The report looks at the possible types of extraterrestrial intelligence humans might encounter.

Its important to note that this was not a "NASA report." It's not work funded by NASA, nor is it work supported by NASA in other ways. It was just a fun paper written by a few friends, one of whom happens to have a NASA affiliation.
Source & read more at MediaMatters
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Anonymous said...

lol..Whats the saying?..If you cry wolf long enough,after a while the truth may not be recognized.

I follow my own path!

Believe little you hear, & half of what you see...trouble is! get sick of sitting on the fence, over all this.:)

Randall said...

Oops, sorry I didn't notice you had already posted this news report. I posted a comment with the Guardian article link. Sorry.

However, don't forget John Lear warned us of the possibility of governments using hype and hologram technology the scare us into accepting an Orwellian type of scenario.

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