Saturday, July 15, 2006

Military helicopters and Crop circles

This is an interesting post showing that the military are interested in the 'balls of light' that form crop circles. Andrew collins a reputable crop circle researcher gives his experience while videoing the helicopters. Download the higer quality version of this clip here

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The Eskimo Lovin' Banana said...

Wow! That's awesome! Thanks a bunch for sharing that video. I'm an avid UFO junkie, ever since I saw a UFO over military base by my town. My suspision that it was a UFO was comfirmed when it flew away and an airplane was sent out, like it was searching for it. I'll check back in with you soon!


J-Dubb said...

Hey man, I found your blog linked to a forum and I just did kind of a spoof on my blog ;) Anyways, interesting stuff you found.

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