Wednesday, April 25, 2007

UFO hotspot at military facility near Chatsworth ca (close to Rocketdyne!)

Yet again some more amazing UFOS filmed near the military compound close to Rocketdyne facility (which is about six miles southwest of the town of Chatsworth California) Thanks to Francine for filming these! - there is some major non-stop UFO activity going on there in 2007(seems like the ufos are interested in the facility) and i guess Francine lives near by as she has captured alot of this footage.
Also its interesting to note the miliary base surrounds Rocketdyne (is this correct?) - which is the private testing lab owned by Boeing, - I guess its convenient
for Boeing to have the protection of the military to assist in coveruping their top secret projects!

2 moving ufos

bright red lights

military helicopters near ufo
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Anonymous said...

give it up loon........

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you that Francine is spun
You must have a soft spot for tweaker

Anonymous said...

Way to go Francine.Thanks & keep an eye open for THEM.

Anonymous said...

if you lived out there and saw this kind of stuff almost everyday you might go a little crazy too ;)

gottigo said...

This is Francine. I have been ridiculed, and made to be some crazy woman. Why? because there are those that know my video's are real, and they do everything they can to discredit me. I'm not doing this for fame, or money. I am just enlightening people as to what is out there, and i want all to be aware of what is above their heads, and right in front of them. Only take the time to look,and don't take the ordinary as just ordinary every day things that appear as just that. As you can read what these people have already have posted about me as being spun. They have done all they could to attack my integrity, because these individuals have a problem with the truth. It's up to you as to what you want to believe. I only have posted what i have taped, and it's up to you to decide for yourselfs what you think they might be.

gottigo said...

I do thank those of you that do believe, and stand up for me. If we didn't show the people what is real, and what is happening, all would stay in the dark. I thank all of those that appreciate what i am doing.

embracedchaosandorder said...

francine isnt crazy the only crazy people on this earth are the ones living in denial of the concept that we never have been alone on this planet ever we have had visitors from other worlds since time began ... those who cannot open their eyes to reality are just preprogrammed government slave robot clones think use ur brain and look around u ... our visitors are always around us always... i know they exist i film them and see them too francine you have a friend in this world ur not alone they are real and beautiful beings perhaps moreso than humans with such examples of the closed minded skeptics compared to them they are beyond beautiful beyond these examples of humans who live in denial,lies,pain,and slavery willingly so!

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