Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pilot Sees Large UFO Over the UK

Captain Ray Bowyer, a commercial airline pilot, has reported spotting a stationary UFO "twice the size of a Boeing 737" while en route from Southampton to Alderney. Passengers on the plane and other aircraft also witnessed the phenomenon.

The bright yellow flat disc shapes, estimated to be twice the size of a Boeing 737, were spotted on Monday, 12 to 15 miles north east of the island.

Captain Ray Bowyer was about to fly an Aurigny plane from Alderney to Southampton when he saw the objects through binoculars.

Mr Bowyer said he was "pretty shook-up" by the sighting.

"This is not something you see every day of the week - it was pretty scary," he said.

At first he thought it was the sun reflecting from greenhouses in Guernsey. He said the objects were bright like the sun, but did not hurt his eyes when he looked at them.

The stationary objects were also observed by other aircraft and the passengers on the plane. Rate this posting:

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Anonymous said...

The observation of captain Ray Bowyer UFO is really impressive for several reasons: day time, huge size, low altitude, nine minutes of sighting, passengers and other crew to confirm the fact….

I am a retired Air France captain, well known in France, to have seen, with my crew, a huge UFO over Paris on 28 January 1994, which has been identified by the Defence radar for 50 seconds.

The characteristics of this UFO were: lens shape, altitude 35 000 feet, 500 meters wide, brown red, one minute of observation, and dematerialization…

More information:

This case has been officially identified by the GEIPAN depending of the Centre National d’√Čtudes Spatiales (CNES) in Toulouse:

In 60 years, all over the world, there are a total of about 1300 UFO observations which have been made by civil or military pilots, and 15% of these observations have been confirmed by radar.

A really scaring reality!...

If the UFO seen by captain Ray Bowyer has been identified by the British Defence, or the French Defence, you have to know that this radar identification could have been classified, for several weeks, or months…

The air lines pilots, and public, need to be officially informed about UFO which seems not to be dangerous if they are not aggressed…

Jean-Charles DUBOC

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