Monday, April 30, 2007

First France now Britian to release ufo files to the public

Britain's Ministry of Defence are to publish their secret archive of UFO reports to dispel claims they have been hiding knowledge of alien visitors to the UK.

Although the Ministry of Defence claim no UFO report has ever been judged to be of defence significance, a small number were subjected to detailed investigations by the RAF and DI55. The nature of these investigations, and their findings, have until recently been a closely guarded secret. During the same thirty year period covered by the French UFO project, more than 7,000 UFO reports were collected by DI55 whose precise role and responsibilities the British Government refuse to discuss. Until recently it was feared all 24 of DI55's UFO files could be destroyed as they had been exposed during storage to deadly asbestos dust along with 63,000 other 'sensitive' intelligence files from the Cold War. But at the end of a £3 million publicly-funded project all the contaminated papers have been saved and are scanned onto CD roms.

A decision was taken earlier this year to make the UFO archive a priority for release via the Ministry of Defence's website which already hosts the papers on the Rendlesham Forest incident and the Condign report. The first electronic scans of the UFO files, which begin in the mid-1970s, will be added to the website later this year. The DI55 archive contains numerous reports by service personnel including RAF and Royal Navy pilots and by civilian aircrew. They also include the material used by the author of the Condign report who analysed more than 3,000 UFO reports collected by the Ministry of Defence during the ten years 1987-97." Rate this posting:

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little bit confused, because does these messages (UK and France apparant disclosure intentions) mean that there is a shift occuring (at least in these countries) ?

If it is, it's very significant, no?

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