Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Secret Space - Nasa, ufos, the Nazi's and the moon landing

The interesting documentary provides great evidence of a covered up moon landing, nasa ufo evidence and more, great watch
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Anonymous said...

sorry, but the "ufos" on the old pictures from the twenties are all together zeppelins - in their unsharpness they seem to be other flying objects. But I saw this pictures in a better quality in original archives - and with the zeppelins.


Antonius said...

very interesting background information about nasa responsibles and directors. If it is true that they were high ranct nazis constructing the V2 in former germany... that would be a real clue! But the end of the film, I find a bit strange with the antichrist topic, I mean, what is the sense behind all this "beginning of the end of humanity..." starting in 1914 - and jack parsons - antichrist??

guess we'll see ha?

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