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The Great Global Warming Swindle debunked

Hi there for all of those who watched the great global warming swindle, and responded to my previous post on global warming and still follow the belief that it is caused by solar change please read this artcile (from Sydney newspaper) :

The problem with The Great Global Warming Swindle, which the ABC plans to screen and which caused a sensation when it was broadcast in Britain earlier this year, is that to make its case it relies not on visionaries, but on people whose findings have been proven wrong. The implications could not be graver. Thousands of people could be misled into believing there is no problem to address.

The film's main contention is that the rise in global temperatures is caused not by greenhouse gases but by changes in the sun's activity. It is built around the premise that in 1991 the Danish atmospheric physicist Dr Eigil Friis-Christensen discovered that recent temperature variations on Earth coincided with the length of the cycle of sunspots: the shorter they were, the higher the temperature. Unfortunately, he found nothing of the kind. A paper published in the journal Eos in 2004 reveals that the finding was the result of incorrect handling of data. The truth is the opposite: temperatures have continued to rise as the length of the sunspot cycle has increased.

So Friis-Christensen developed another means of demonstrating that the sun was responsible, claiming to have discovered a remarkable link between cosmic radiation influenced by the sun and global cloud cover. This is the mechanism the film proposes for global warming. But, again, the method was exposed as faulty. It relied on satellite data which did not measure global cloud cover.

So the hypothesis changed again. Without acknowledging that his previous paper was wrong, Friis-Christensen's co-author, Henrik Svensmark, declared there was a correlation not with total cloud cover but with low cloud cover. This, too, turned out to be incorrect. Then, last year, Svensmark published a paper purporting to show that cosmic rays could form tiny particles in the atmosphere. Accompanying it was a press release that went way beyond the findings reported in the paper to claim the study showed that past and present climate events are the result of cosmic rays.
This doesn't seem to have troubled the makers of the program, who report the cosmic ray theory as if it trounces all competing explanations.

The film also says man-made global warming is disproved by conflicting temperature data. Professor John Christy speaks about the discrepancy he found between temperatures at the Earth's surface and temperatures in the troposphere (or lower atmosphere). But the program fails to mention that in 2005 his data was proved wrong, by three papers in Science magazine.

Christy said last year he was mistaken. He was one of the lead authors of a paper that states the opposite of what he says in the film. Previously reported discrepancies between the amount of warming near the surface and higher in the atmosphere have been used to challenge the reality of human-induced global warming. Specifically, it was said surface data showed substantial warming, while early versions of satellite and radiosonde (weather-balloon) data showed little or no warming above the surface. This significant discrepancy no longer exists because errors in the satellite and radiosonde data have been identified and corrected.

Until recently, when found to be wrong, scientists went back to their labs to start again. Now, emboldened by the global denial industry, some, like the filmmakers, shriek censorship.

There is one scientist in the film whose work has not been debunked: the oceanographer Carl Wunsch. In the film he appears to support the idea that increasing carbon dioxide is not responsible for rising global temperatures. But Wunsch says he was misrepresented by the program, and misled by the people who made it.

You can sustain a belief in these propositions only by ignoring the overwhelming body of contradictory data. To form a balanced, scientific view, you have to consider all the evidence, on both sides of the question. The failure to understand the scientific process just makes the job of whipping up a storm that much easier. The less true a program is, the greater the controversy.
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Anonymous said...

Let's take a vote how many people thinks global warming is a bunch of hot air.... Say I

Ran said...

It's kind of funny in the 70's it was global cooling now global warming what next ? Might as well throw this link in with a mix.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep my eyes closed and guess the newspaper is either the Age or SMH.

So we have German evironuts covering up a melting glacier to reflect the sun's heat back into space and another group proposing to germinate and feed massive algal blooms in the Atlantic ocean to suck up CO2 from the atmosphere.

And when the CO2 levels have dropped to the point that plant life suffers and we are all freezing out bums off they will no doubt ressurect smoking as a method to warm the planet up again.

I saw a report about these nutters trying to build Noah's ark on Mt Arrarat in response to expected global warming flood. Of course the site is some many hundreds of metres above sealevel and way out range of the worst predictions of doom and gloom. Got fish?

Oh and the 5 years and its "game over man" crowd should be leaving for Bizzaro world about now too.

The earth's climate is changing in response to solar fluctuations as it has been doing for millions of years. Not a damn effective thing we can do about it except be sensible in adapting our reponse.

More UFO's, feed me!

Anders said...

George Monboit is a joke and this article holds about as much water as his attempt to "debunk" Loose Change and 9/11 truth by calling people with the courage to question the official line all sorts of names...I quote:
"There is a virus sweeping the world. It infects opponents of the Bush government, sucks their brains out through their eyes and turns them into gibbering idiots".,,2006830,00.html
Here is some more about that:

Now, are we supposed to take such a person seriously when he tries to "debunk" anything? Monboit is also, like most of the global warming hysterics, a complete hypocrite as he started out questioning the official story of 9/11 but suddenly turned around (flip flopped ( as the movement grew bigger and more powerful then ever) and my guess is that he is bought and paid for by the very people who carried out 9/11.

These are of course the same people pushing the "CO2-causing-global warming-scam" which sucks up all of good peoples energies into fighting something unreal, when there is plenty of real things we should be focusing on instead (like: the honeybees dying all over the world, GM crops spreading like fire with Monsanto taking over each infected crop and suing the farmers for "stealing their patents", Cross-species gene experiments, Chemtrails, vaccines full of mercury aluminum and some with live cancer viruses etc, massive dumping of nerve gas etc in the ocean by military, using and dumping of DU all over the globe, the fake war on terror and the fact ( that 9/11 and London 7/7 was complete inside jobs to name a few)

There is something about this global warming scam I don't understand. Please explain this to me: Water vapor (=clouds) is by far the worlds greatest greenhouse gas. It accounts for 95%(!) of the earths greenhouse effect.

This means that at best CO2 can account for 5% of the greenhouse effect. And man accounts for around 5-6% of the CO2 emission. Add all this together and what do you get? Why doesn't the fear mongers ever mention this obvious fact?

Please watch the film I posted a link to (
and see that it is not just one film debunking the CO2 scam. And forget about convincing anyone with a poorly written article by a flip flopper like Monboit who doesn't even bother to back up his claims with facts. We are just suppose to "believe him" when he says something.

The whole thing is a classic problem-reaction-solution scam. They are well on their way to introduce a global carbon emission tax (even if the problem was real how will that help?) That is way you see the queen of England etc. "paying a carbon toll" to fly to the US. She is just introducing it to the world. And that global tax will be used to finance the global fascist government. The whole thing is just to further the agenda of the NWO. Wake up or Waco!

Anders said...

One funny thing is that Al Gore in his film (and others) seriously suggest dumping "dry ice" around the poles to keep it from melting. As if we are talking about a soft drink here... And what is "dry ice" by the way? It is solid Carbon dioxide (CO2) for Gods sake!!! This is their "solution"? Freeing massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere to fight global warming which they claim is caused by co2?

How can people take these jokers seriously? Flying around in their private jets or laying around their heated pools using 20 times the amount of energy used by a "normal" household. A person not living as he preaches is a person with zero credibility. This goes for the whole hysteric movement. Telling me how much toilet paper to use after taking a crap while they own more private jets then most people have cars: Paul Watson says it all:

"Private jet flying, CO2 belching, bags made by slaves in China transported thousands of miles buying, bulb banning, Al Gore worshipping morons wagging their finger at me when I don't even drive a car get under my skin"

"Last week, singer Sheryl Crow demanded that we all use one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit to help save the planet. Shortly after these ridiculous comments, the Smoking Gun website uncovered documents showing Crow's touring requirements, which include three tractor trailers, four buses and six cars. I don't even drive a car, so to be lectured about what I can and can't do after I take a shit is a bit rich coming from someone whose "carbon footprint" is bigger than King Kong's treads."

Anders said...

How can asking critical questions come anywhere near "Bluffing the world?" Pulling this gigantic scam to further an insane agenda of a global government with a global "carbon tax" is what i call "bluffing the world". People really need to do their homework on these things now.

There is a universal sense of big changes coming and along with that comes fear of the unknown etc. Deep down people know things are not as they should be. The people behind the "CO2-Global-warming-hoax" knows how to take advantage of this fear and use it to further their New World Order agenda. The aliens cannot save us, a global government will definitely NOT save us. We can only save ourselves by getting out of our victim mentality and start growing up by facing the truth on all levels.

Meditation in peace will do much more good for the enviorment then creating more fear and implementing a global tax. Real change always comes from the inside out. It cannot be drafted upon people. Read the Handbooks (the source for these Handbooks are extraterrestrial with a human "translator") on this site to understand what can be done:

Anders said...

This is what we are up against folks:

"I am an independent journalist who has investigated the events of 9/11 since that terrible day in which our lives and national political reality were so drastically changed [...] Last August 15, a gang of three undercover cops came to my house and assaulted me during an unjustified arrest. I was TASERed while restrained and my right elbow was broken in front of my wife and 8-year-old daughter. My writings made me a target of those who are dedicated to promoting the lies about 9/11. Naturally, this brutal assault took a heavy toll on me. I was thrown into a cell with no water and told to "drink from the toilet." When I asked why undercover cops with body armor had been prowling around my house, I was told – "We are watching you".".

It is total tyranny and the "Global warming scam" is just another way to implement it. Do you really think that the same people that are behind 9/11 and the "war on terror scam" can be trusted when they push another "global crisis" like CO2 causing global warming? If so I urge you to take a good long look at things and start all over again...

Anonymous said...

And the aliens are behind all the efforts of the NWO to supress our birthright to the stars. They have been working for decades to destabilise the human race and help keep the truth of a hidden world government from our view. Every time humanity approaches a peaceful co-existant state another crisis is invented. These crises are designed to siphon off our world's resources and to delay any efforts to strive outwards to the heavens and our destiny.
The reason 911 worked so well is because Bush had help.
Fight back!

Anders said...

Don't blame "the aliens" for that and don't "fight back" either. The elite is controlled by a certain lower dimension extra-terrestrial beings of some kind. But most "aliens" in this galaxy are here to help and assist in every way they are allowed to. They cannot save us however, because we have to learn the lessons and take responsibility for ourselves.

Struggling is futile and it is too late for that anyway (many people will choose that when things start happening though). What we need to do is grow spiritually and transcend the whole paradigm of victim/abuser which so many people on this earth have been trapped in for a long time. Read the Handbooks which can be downed for free at this site for the best info I have ever come across regarding all this:

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul for president

Anonymous said...

Great! see what happens when you post global warming crap.
Now we need a group hug....

Anonymous said...

As Mr Burns said in court, "If you believe his cock and bull story then why wont you believe mine!"

Here's da hug. O

Anonymous said...

Awesome article. Keep it up man. Love the UFO news but its also great to come here and read about the tyranny and lies of the new world order.

Anders said...

This is front page (of your blog) material.

I Was On the Global Warming Gravy Train (

"I devoted six years to carbon accounting, building models for the Australian government to estimate carbon emissions from land use change and forestry. When I started that job in 1999 the evidence that carbon emissions caused global warming seemed pretty conclusive, but since then new evidence has weakened that case. I am now skeptical."

"The temporal resolution of the ice core data improved. By 2004 we knew that in past warming events, the temperature increases generally started about 800 years before the rises in atmospheric carbon. Causality does not run in the direction I had assumed in 1999 รข€” it runs the opposite way!"

Anonymous said...

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