Friday, July 27, 2007

videos of ufo over stratford uk July 2007

videos of ufo over stratford uk July 2007
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knicksgrl0917 said...

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Zac said...

On 07-25-2007 I saw the same exact object while walking down the beach of Hilton Head Sc, I first saw three yellowish bright objects hovering in a triangle shape from out over the water. All i could see was the bright light of the objects which was unlike anything i had ever seen. The objects appread to be hovering very solidly as if they were planed on the ground. From right to left the three lights dimmed out and then went away. I through my eyes had been playing a trick on my so i found some other people and asked them about it. They sayd that they had not seen them as no longer then 10 seconds after talking with them on showed up way down the coast but you could clearly see the light. Then it dimmed out and showed up much closer north of us this time. They keeped showing up and going out for about 3 min then just went away. But they looked just like the ones in the video. I was never a believer until that day. And now everyone thinks i am nuts.

Roxanne said...

It's really hard to prove if its real. I am not convinced myself.

Quinroxanne said...

Hi there, I wonder why this wasn't covered in the news.

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