Friday, August 03, 2007

close up ufo in Lowestoft England UFO

UFO over Lowestoft England. An amazing footage recorded by landscape photographer, David Spoor in Lowestoft, Suffolk in the UK. A craft of an apparent glass-like structure can clearly be seen crossing the countryside at dusk, exhibiting a strange sequence of colored lights. Footage of this quality is very rare and the fact that there are pieces of grass etc in the foreground of the clip for comparison, only adds to the credibility of the clip. (more) (less Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Please, don't say this is a good quality. The good quality should be at least like this one:

Anonymous said...

Its a professional fake, ofcourse the quality is going to be good?.

David spoor however is honest, and doesnt possess the equipment to produce a fake of this level.

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