Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kecksburg ufo incident documentary

Kecksburg ufo incident documentary
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Anonymous said...

This story is starting to drive me nuts!!! It was not a flying saucer or a UFO! It was simply the acorn shaped photobucket of a once top-secret CIA Corona series spy satellite that did not deploy its re-entry chutes properly. It was carrying photo recon film of possible Soviet activity in Alaska in winter of 1965. That's why soldiers were all over it. It was top-secret!

What everyone saw was it re-entering Earth atmosphere. Heating up due to air friction. Missed it's recovery point by a Fairchild C-119 pickup plane. Then made a course change over southern NJ via retro rockets to stop it from going into the Atlantic into the waiting hands of a Soviet spy ship or sub.

This all happened on the SAME date that the Kecksburg UFO was witnessed. This data is available on Just look under the Corona satellite program and look for a KH-4a series on Dec. 9th - 10th 1965. Even Pres. Eisenhower took a picture in front of the "acorn" craft back in the late 50's.

What a load of bunk from this UFO researcher! Too many wishful thinkers looking for the next best thing to cure the Earth's woes.

Try reading your Bible daily. You'll get more out of it...

Anonymous said...

And you are a stupid skeptical closed minded idiot, for get the stinkin bible crap.

Anonymous said...

but hes right. It likely was a spy satellite. This is precisely why the UFO research of today goes no where, to many people wanting to stamp UFO on everything. I dont agree with him on the bible part because im an Atheist, but you cant just say UFO everytime something shiny is seen in the sky.
Are there some legitmate cases? Sure. I think Alien Space craft have been here. But was this one of them? No. It was likely a top secret spy satellite. People seem to forget how high tensions were during the cold war, so military recovering it, soldiers having orders to shoot, etc, seems perfectly plausible.

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