Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ufo or rocket launch?

Interesting video, not sure if it is a rocket launch or ufo
click here to watch
article from C2C website:
In 1990 mid-summer I was repairing damaged fence line on my North forty in Broken Arrow OK. I usually camp at the site when I have large repairs to do. At about 2:00am my horses started running back and forth and the cattle began caterwauling. I thought coyotes had came for a calf.

Then the animals became dead silent; they didn't even move. It became completely silent, I couldn't hear anything. Then all of a sudden it became almost completely lit up like it was 9:00am, to the north. It looked like the sun was coming up.

I ran back to the camp and grabbed my camcorder and started filming. Please keep in mind that it was around 2:00am and the sun was many hours from rising. I panned the camera around and the look on my animals was strange. They look as if in a trance-- no reaction at all, almost as if they were in a state of shock. The fireball went higher and higher until out of sight. After it was gone, the animals went on as if nothing happened. I could not even guess how far away it was, it looked as if the sun decided to rise at 2:00am. From the time I first saw the light till it vanished was about 5 to 8 minutes.
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