Tuesday, December 25, 2007

UFO In Oxfordshire U.K

This UFO was moving upwards at a really slow rate. The whole thing lasted about 10 mins and I recorded about 6mins. It got so high in the end, you couldn't even see it through the cam. Literally turned in2 the tiniest dot. If you took your eye of it, you would have lost it. The best detail I got, is probably on this short clip, but it did change shape towards then end of the footage, like a shamrock or something.. cant really describe it. it happened at about 7pm July 2006. Oxfordshire UK." Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

I have a theory based purely on my intuition: I think black triangles or in the case of Rendelsham "pyramid" while in some cases are test planes are actually part of a secret reconaisance group that investigates aerial "energy/plasma/uo" phenomenon. In Rendelsham they talk about two seperate sightings. One sighting was very much strange lights and "explosions of light". The other sighting in which the officer walked up to a small triange in the woods was actually a secret human drone sent to investigate. That's what I think is happening. There are investigative groups that, for whatever reason, have craft capable of flying under radar. It makes sense, a superpower needs to be able to navigate secretly throughtout it's own system. Anyway.. that's what I think many of these black triangles are: Top secret UAP investigation craft. They must be running on some form of super high voltage.. maybe it allows them to "sneak up"... this would explain the whole "no sound" aspect. Our "visitors" must be extremely discrete.

Anonymous said...

So, anything that looks like a nut and bolt craft is probably ours. In the case of "shape-changing", hard to put your finger on it sightings.. those are probably more likely to be authentic..

So, the big question is: Do they know what they're chasing or have they been trying to find out.

My bet is they're aware of a few elusive "visitors" and in some cases they've made contact and in others, it's like chasing a shadow.

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