Thursday, February 14, 2008

Portsmouth ufo caught in a car park - is it real ?

I don't know much about this ufo guys, I read about it a bit on ATS, some people say it may be a fake, or some type of reflection but many people say its genuine - what do you think?
Here's an extract from the report on it:
A disc-shaped object appears to be hovering in the night sky near the top right of the picture, according to Hab Rahman, who captured the image.
The 28-year-old took the photograph near his home in Portsmouth while driving home from work in thick fog.
But he only spotted the mysterious apparition after transferring the image on to his computer. Mr Rahman said: 'I've never really believed in UFOs but this is a bit weird and freaky – I just cannot think what else it could be.'
UFO expert Hilary Porter, of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society, last night confirmed it could be genuine.

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Anonymous said...

That's the real deal.

Anonymous said...

This is a fake. As a professional photographer/designer I can tell you that in these conditions with fog across the SE of England no outline of an object could be seen at a distance. Even if lit up the water droplets in the air would have diffused the object into a blur (see the lights in the forground). Also I noticed in the report of this in the Portsmouth local paper an acquaintance mentioned this. "I was on the same uni course as Hab (He didn't graduate the same year as me due to his lack in commitment). He was partial to using Photoshop to make fake images and get himself noticed, it appears as though he is desperate for fame!"

- Ben, Cambridge

GavinOvz said...

It looks like he took this photo with a long exposure time. If this is ture the photographer would have to had a tripod or placed the camera on the roof of his car. If the photo was taken with a long exposure time I would think the UFO would be more blurred but then again it might be staying very still.

Anonymous said...

Tell this FAKER to get a life!!! Personally...I'd like to slap this idiot's face!!!

Anonymous said...

What about this video ?

Anonymous said...

Look, I don't care if this PARTICULAR photo is faked or hoaxed or not.

UFO's are real, PERIOD!

ETV = Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle (theirs)
ARV = Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ours)

Probably +50% of legit sightings are ARV's.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a professional to determine if this is fake or not but I will say. If it is fake (prob is imo).. its really tiring for these fakers to put these out to waste researchers time. If your doing a piece take credit and sign it is all.

chris said...

hi I have look at this ufo photo and it is not a fake I came for this area and have taking ufo photos just like this one And what would you gain by taking a ufo photo like this one if it is a fake this not a fake there is lot more going on around here than people no Chris Harrison

nick dk said...

I would have 2 say fake too.

Why would u take a pic of an emty road??
And when most ppl er done working, the only thing in there mind, is to get home and relax.

And yet, what are the chances of taking a pic anywhere in the world, and then have a ufo on it when u get home?

LEAX said...

fake 100%

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