Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stephenville reporter Angelia Joiner silenced by her newspaper - now has her own site

Angelia Joiner the reporter from the Empire Tribune brought the stephenville ufo story to the world - she was seen on CNN, MSNBC, and practically all over the media. Now the newspaper that gained worldwide attention thanks to her efforts has decided to fire her because they don't want her talking about ufos again.:

Here's an extract from angelina's statement:
"I think my readers would find a lot more of this sort of story interesting but my newspaper doesn't want any more stories. My boss feels it's time to move on. A city councilman here talked to the Star-Telegram and said the whole thing was an embarrassment to the town (or something to that effect.) It has been a tough decision but I gave my two weeks' notice last Thursday and my last day will be Feb. 14.
I don't want to say anything bad about the newspaper. They are just not interested any more. But it was a record sales month in the history of the E-T for JAN. so I feel good about that. It's funny how one day I was sitting on top of a huge global story and practically the next I'm looking for a job.

"I gave two weeks' notice but this morning they had confiscated my computer and I was told to pack up and get out. I'm devastated and still in shock.

I was trying to direct people away from talking to me about UFOs and other information during work hours and I had forwarded emails to my home computer so I would not be dealing with that on newspaper time. But, apparently that wasn't the right thing to do either.

Angelia Joiner may not want to be critical towards the newspaper but there is no stopping myself from giving a view on the attitude of the newspaper. Though it may have been Angelia's choice to leave the newspaper it is clear that pressure to stop covering the UFO sightings pushed Angelia off the edge so to speak.

Angelina no longer needs a newspaper to get her words out . She now reports directly on ufo related events in the area via the internet check out her site Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

She is a very intrepid woman...We need more people just like her...She's my HERO!!!

Anonymous said...

yup, she is cool

Anonymousterry said...

Welcome to the real world where the real subjects tend to be swept under the carpet. Terry

Matthew said...

Something interesting I found... One of Angelia's new witnesses is Mike Zimmerman. Angelia states that, "To date, Zimmerman may be the most credible witness to come forward..." Which at first seems true, he served on Protective Detail for five Texas Governors and is now attached to the Tarleton State University detail, but I'm afraid Mr Zimmerman in fact has no credibility...

A quick search on Angelia's bio made available on her website, lists her husbands name as Randell Joiner. A quick Google search on "randell joiner stephenville" pulls up this article on the Tarleton State University website.

This is not to say that Ms Joiner is not credible, but the fact that her husband appears to work on the same campus as her 'most credible witness' discredits any information provided in her article.

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