Thursday, March 06, 2008

New BBC Documentary - Are we Alone in the Universe?

New doco just aired in the UK. The search for alien life is 50 years old, but there's been a break through. A planet has been discovered that could support life . This Documetary is 50 mins - only available to watch for those in the Uk sorry guys . If you live in the UK please download it and put on google video or megadownload , this would be so good!
Here's the link
Not the in the Uk workaound Rate this posting:


LEAX said...

Just put this proxy ip in your browser and watch the great docu :)
I used it i watched the docu and im impressed..


gogogo :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else get the distinct impression that humanity is heading into a new world?

LEAX said...

nope .. if someone wont help us with some new technology that would let us travel rly fast without enormous G-force then we will need to wait hundreds of years ..

Anonymous said...


lol, look up electrogravitics

we have had that capability by the late 1950s.

by 'we' I mean 'Boeing, northrop grunman, lockheed martin, ...'

these vehicles are powered by zero-point energy devices.

LEAX said...

Thx .. havent knew that

LEAX said...

anyway now we have a NEED FOR SPEED :)

nick dk said... do i add the portnumber in my browser??

Cause i cant make it work when i just put in the IP.

Would be nice if u could type the hole thing, like it needs to be added in the browser, so i can just copi/paste...hehe :)

LEAX said...

I think you already saw the news with the uploaded vid ;)

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