Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great cylinder ufo

a good example of a cylinder ufo
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Trainscape said...

Another completely unconvincing video. The footage was very shaky. It looked like a frisbee on it's side being filmed. Notice all the cuts? As if they spent an hour filming a frisbee and spliced it all together in iMovie. And then the guy's comment that it was "not reflecting light" but instead generating it's own was completely ridiculous. He gave no explanation for that silly statement.

Anonymous said...

Stupid fucking family! They need to be eradicated.
Hail Luxor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

where the heck is the video of it moving "100 miles or more in a second or 2" or whatever he said. id be more convinced if i saw that. but the little girl makes this convincing for me "hey daughter, pretend this frisbree is a UFO"... doesnt add up for me.

Lich said...

When ufo is more and more popular, its start to become psychologic and social phenomen which could put some individuals to create own ufo experiences. In other words: dumb family with frisbee

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