Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Red Orb over Berlin 31 May 2008

Not a very good video - some weird red orb over Berlin 31 May 2008
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Anonymous said...

You can hear the sound of helicopter-blades.
If this vid is from the night 31.5 -1.6 it is definatley a helicopter..i've seen it too..

Don`t post stupid vids like this.. no reference points, the cameraman has obviously parkinson, and the "orb" could as well be a glowing cigarette..


Neurotoxicum said...

YEAY IT'S A ROFLCOPTER... no serously you hear the blades and Helicopters do have a red light right on the bottom of the fuselage...


Anonymous said...

There is alot of CRAP posted on this website. And I'm not even a skeptic.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see that quality posts goes before quantity. Vids with no referencepoints in total dark surrounding is not very interesting, because it's obviously the easiest to fake.

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