Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ufos over Brittany in France May 2008 News report

Guys this new report is all in french (can anyone translate it??) - its a about the ongoing Ufo that have been seen in the sky of Brittany in France by several persons during the month of May 2008. The matter was taken to the french police cause it was so serious:
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LEAX said...

pls pls someone translate it :))

Emad said...

well, The girl is talking about a flashing object that moved in front of here, stopped in the sky..started glowing and then moved away very rapidly.

Pascal said...

The report is in 2 parts.
First- a retired man answers a strict questionnaire to the regional study group of inexplained phenomenons sent by the CNES(French equivalant of Nasa)
The whitness saw a glowing ball moving from East to South.He discribe the size with hands gestures.The lights were not dazzling and it did not hurt his eyes.
Second-6 teenager girls -22;30 pm on 7th of May-80 km from the first sighting.They saw 2 white balls moving rapidly.Their size was getting bigger as they approach the whitnesses then they went away rapidly.A parent qote One of the girl who said:"I know what I saw:something incredible that maybie I will never see again and It's distubing for me because I do not know what it is.
15 sightings have been repoeted during May 2008 in Brittany:Vendee,Morbihan Gulf and Ile et Vilaine.

LEAX said...

wow guys .. thanks for the translation ;) ... sounds like a nice sighting

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