Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What to do if you see a Ufo ? - according to google

He guys,

Featured on blogger mobile the animation below is such a laugh!:

I must say it shows you how times have changed on the web - Blogging is now a phenomenon in itself and is the perfect avenue for expressing ideas and news which you would not normally see on the TV - just like the ufo videos on this blog!

So addressing the serious question - what do you do if you see a ufo on the go? :

Well actually not surprisingly unlike the picture above i would recommend you whip out the best recording devices you have. Don't freak out , stay calm and keep your eye on the object at all times.

Its true most people do have video recording abilities on their mobile/ cell phones now but the quality is still not always great. If you do by chance has a high quality device such as a digital camera i would recommend you take a clear and stabilised shot of the Ufo. Many people complain ufo shots are often blurry and not clear - this can always be fixed by using a tripod to stabilised the image - (but of course not many ppl carry a tripod with them all the time, so do the best with what you have!).

Also always make sure you can include some object in the foreground or surrounding to enable people to reference the position of the ufo from the ground relative in the sky. also possibly try to focus in on the object and follow it for as long as you can - (fakers often take short clips of ufos - so the longer your video the less likely ppl are to say its a fake). Its good also to get other peoples reaction to the ufo video if you can, the more people who are seen witnessing a sighting the more valid it makes the video.

Also guys if you want me to post your ufo video here please upload it to a video sharing site first, i don't have time to down load the video sorry so i need it on youtube or dailymotion so i can preview it.

They are just a few tips, can you guys think of any more?

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