Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ufo and Chemtrails again - whats going on ?

Chemtrails and Ufos .. you know the deal guys one and one go together but just what is the connection?... this amazing piece of footage just makes you think guys - any comments?
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Anonymous said...

Stupid assholes that think our skies are being sprayed with chems, should just kill themselves.
You fucking anti gov. losers need to get the fuck outta our great country, and take the hollywood liberals with you.
Fucking FAGS!

OMG I see water vapor coming from a plane!!!! The MAN is trying to kill ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The only stupid assholes are people who comment on things they don't understand. How the fuck can you be so sure that our sky's aren't being sprayed with chems. If its only water vapour why does it expand and cover the sky with thick cloud? Contrails disappear, Chemtrails don't!!!

Anonymous said...

how do we get the big X's in our skys??? The X's weren't there when i was a kid they weren't there in my 20's or 30's just in the past few yrs. do i remember the X's and the weird grids, something is going on i and i find it a little unnerving!!!!!

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