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Top secret UFO incident involving Air Force and airline October 2007

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Another great article from AllnewsWeb on a previously top secret Ufo event that occured in October 2007 in Greece & involved the Air Force and an airline :

Extract from this article:

A remarkable UFO incident that occurred in the skies over Athens over a year ago but was kept secret by the Greek Aviation Authority and the Greek Air Force has recently come to light and is receiving extensive media coverage in Greece. A recording of the conversation (in Greek) between the pilot involved and the airport control tower has been made public and can be listened to below. A copy of the official document named 'Lightning 2' commanding two F-16's to intercept the UFO can also be viewed below.

On 11 October 2007 at 3:20am the captain of Olympic Airways flight 266 from Athens to London noticed an extremely unusual object moving erratically to the west of Athens. The object was somewhat star like in appearance however much brighter and larger with a constantly shifting shape.

Meanwhile the captains of Olympic Airways flights 730 to Kos and 700 to Rhodes reported the same thing. The sighting was then confirmed by Athens Airport Control tower whose employees observed the object moving towards Karystos, a small town on the Greek island of Euboea. At this point the Greek Air Force was contacted.

- Pilots conversation recording:
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translate anyone?

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This is a truly intersting encounter-thanks for posting it.

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