Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Colin Andrews- Crop circle disclosure coming.

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I am eagerly awaiting the next update on Colin Andrews website about his follow up to part 1 of his current feature article.

Here's an interesting extract from his blog about his recent crop circle disclosure efforts on his website:

"This is the second key report from Andrews website in the last few days, intended to open new doors during a new period. Also to help the process of openness and honest disclosure of the UFO subject in general.

Last week Andrews was instructed to remove an important high level document from his website http://www.ColinAndrews.net. The document referred to events now being posted in this second report. This second article comes in two parts and involves two crop circles near Winchester, Hampshire during 1989, where the Police photographed it from the air, a surveillance operation 'White Crow' was installed and within days a highly mysterious 'entity' interacted with the entire group of researchers present but it was Delgado and Andrews who seemed to be pulled out for special treatment. The out of this world events were witnessed by everyone present and those witnesses will give their accounts, including other strange details.

It is not hard to imagine why some would not want to be associated in public with such high level strangeness.

Part One is on the website now but be aware that an incredible part two is following in days which will include:

Multiple eye witness accounts – The strange sound is recorded – “We saw things that were impossible” – “Make us a circle and one appeared” - A letter of warning was received BEFORE the event occurred and more.
Source - Colin Andrews Blog

Interesting Video - Colin andrews, Crop Circles and the CIA
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