Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Blog

Hi all,

Hope you are all doing well!
As you may know the last 3 weeks have been super busy on the blog.
Ufo reports are coming in so frequent now its quite a busy Job!
I also just wanted your feedback to ask how long the blog takes to load up for you , and if you think it is slow to load at the moment? (as some people complained)

Would be great to have all your feedback ..

take care

Ohh and as Always .. Keep Your eyes to the Skies !! Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

The page load isn't terrible but the videos for me will only play for 2 seconds. When i can get the videos to play sometimes the audio won't work.

Anonymous said...

I think your doing a great job. Last month I upgraded to a high speed connection and since I've had no problems.. before that however I couldn't even come to your page because it took so long. would recommend cutting back on some content or something.. just a thought , keep up the good work.

Pigsbladders said...

Loads fast for me no issues at all.

Keep up the good work, love this site


Mikoratee said...

Not too fast and not too slow. It's just right.

Mikoratee said...

about 1-3 seconds btw.

Anonymous said...

No problems with blog loading! While not all of the videos are great, I still come here everyday to get my recommended daily allowance of UFO's!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your page for quite some time, running a site like yours is a lot of work and I wanted to say thanks for keeping things going!


Anonymous said...

Its OK, thanks for the great site im a regular

Anonymous said...

firefox freezes for me

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