Friday, August 21, 2009

CNN Larry King Discuss UFOs and Alien Life

From the latest CNN special on alien life - featuring Nick Pope

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markymint said...

Great! But for God's sake, WHO has to say it's true for it to be TRUE? Everyone still relying on a confirmation from NASA? No way! They'll probably pull a fast one when the time is right and say "Oh, look, we found aliens! Only today, honest!". This report is really interesting, great that Nick Pope is involved in this more detailed debate. But news agencies have to stop expecting the truth to come from a body like NASA or a Government. 3,000,000 ordinary folk are far more trustworthy. Oh, and I thought Larry King was going to die - 3 guests at a time will kill the man! :p

S said...

Very interesting response from the SETI spokesman, 5 years ago they would have totally debunked any suggestion of ET origin as an explanation, but they now appear to be starting a backtrack, obviously to avoid looking totally stupid when disclosure, in whatever form, finally happens. Clearly this guy has actually bothered to do a little bit of research into the UAP issue for a change and not run a mile in the opposite direction with his eyes firmly closed, as SETI people are normally paid to do.

At the end of the day SETI is simply a NASA cover operation wasting large amounts of US taxpayers money, and if I were a US citizen; that would be the SETI issue I would be asking questions about. There is nothing quite as stupid as an arrogant scientist blinded by his 19th century training......... it's behind you!

It's a shame Larry didn't get Richard Dolan on this show, he would have made this point so much better than I am able to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "S"-- SETI is a HUGE waste of tax dollars! The idea that they might detect a signal is laughable. IF they look in the right place and IF ET's actually use radio waves or some other rudimentary kind of communication and IF they decide to broadcast in our direction...etc.

Dee Gragg said...

If you looked at Ted Phillips work, you find that there have been more than 3,900 traces left on the ground by a UFO after a UFO has been sighted by creditable witnesses.

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