Saturday, September 19, 2009

MYSTERIOUS lights in the sky over Crow Country MYSTERIOUS lights in the sky over Crow Country Video
MYSTERIOUS lights in the sky over Crow Country have been captured on video.

Andrew Fowler shot footage of the UFO's - three glowing balls of light - hovering near his home in Whitecroft Road, Shepreth, last Saturday.

They were also spotted on the same evening by Gordon Farmer, who was driving back from Barrington when he saw the UFO's near Shepreth station.

Mr Farmer said: "We watched one darting about left to right, and after about five minutes a second one appeared and hovered above the other one."

Several people in Crow Country have had close encounters with the UFO's in recent weeks, with sightings reported in Royston, Orwell, and Anstey.

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Anonymous said...

Saw the same two lights on Long Island, approx 9:30 PM. Then, one more about a mile or so behind them, and then one more.

Heard on Fox news tonight there was some sort of missle launched in Virginia, these objects were not planes, helicopters, or missles.

Anonymous said...

I have just seen these same lights in london england. I see 6 of them slowly moving across the sky and they slowly started to fade away one by one till they all dissapeared!

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