Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Ufo videos submitted by our readers

Big Thank-you to all of you who use the submit button to send in numerous ufo videos and news daily. We really appreciate your help here at realufos!
Here's some new interesting Ufo videos submitted by our readers:

August 2009 Italy

Cows dieing.. likely a mass cow abduction

Fast triangle again
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hoppitblu said...

hey i am the person who filmed this so called UFO TRIANGULAR and i already submitted it to you previously all my vids are CARDUFOS filmed from my house in Cardiff

hoppitblu said...

sorry i am angry at the spanish guy and my comments were directed to him,but i did submit the video 2 you on the 1oth i took it at 9.35pm and then on the 11th i also submitted to you the triangle of ufos again taken from mu house in Cardiff

Anonymous said...

nice footage can do without the techno.

2012Chick said...

This thing with the cows could be caused by either UFOs or by sounds. Cows would not plunge to their death unless driven to it through fear. They may be animals, but they are awfully stubborn creatures. Animals can hear sounds that human ears do not perceive. They can also see much farther and wider in all 4 directions than people do. Vibrational harmonics might have something to do with this bovine suicide trend.

Anonymous said...

sooo my question is are aliens and ufos real

aaron martin

write to me back

[email protected]

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